SNOBGIRLS LUMIÈRE HIGH-CURE regimen of TruColour Care*products and treatments.

So Uplifting another reason why Blondes never stand in the shadow of fun!

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Dreaming about how your hair used to be?
When it was younger, healthy, shiny and free.
Forgotten how it felt and shined before you Coloured and Bleached a thousand times.

You feel sorry for everything that you've done…

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Are your Waves and Curls currently in the Market for a new Look? Versatile hair pattern is Valuable hair. Some hair, waves and curls specialize in only one pattern and are unwilling to learn other shapes, curves, bounce and movement. Hair resistant to hair style change will soon be out-of-style.

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So thirsty that you keep bottles coming one-after-one?

Crazy, Dehydrated, Dull, Thirsty hair can be a bitter pill to swallow.

SNOBGIRLS* innovative Alcohol-Free, concentrated leave-in treatments will make you “Twist” to a new beat. Healthy youthful looking Hair & Vibrant Colour that weightlessly feel and party like its Carnival in Rio!

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SAVE UP to a LONG-WEEKEND WORTH of HAIR TIME With a FRESH SALON LOOK in-between Salon visits.

“I WON’T BE LONG, JUST NEED TO DO MY HAIR….”Who’s to believe???

“Bad hair day” does not need to be a fact of your Personal and Professional Life.

SNOBGIRLS may help you SAVE UP a LONG-WEEKEND WORTH of HAIR TIME per year with a TruCOLOUR CARE* FRESH SALON LOOK in-between Salon visits.

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After spending time in the wind, sun, dust, chlorine, salt water, air conditioning, BBQ smoke, in a hat; overdosing on styling products and heat; your Colour-Treated hair may become dry, dull, porous, unmanageable, tangled, flat, oily, brassy, frizzy, brittle or simply put “challenged”.

Shine bright like a diamond,
TruColour* reflections shining through.

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ZERO-SNAP* helps hair to reach its MAXIMUM HAIR LENGTH. Helps encourage healthy longer hair dynamics and fluidity of movement.

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Stressed Out, Overwhelmed, Distressed, Totally Exhausted, Just about to lose it? May be extreme, but feels so familiar?

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WHY heavy weight lifting, sweating, tugging, looking dishevelled to near endless strokes, bored stiff hopelessly trying to brush like there is No Tomorrow?

Blow-Dry Bar in a Twist...

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This essential megadose of potent antioxidants, UVA/UVB hair protection, vital oils and essential [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex*] helps Summer Proof, Water Proof, Weather Proof, Frizz Proof, Heat Proof, Trucolour Care Proof and seal the hair fiber with a long lasting weightless waterproof shield to protect against harmful UVA/UVB rays, and damaging effects of chlorine, drying salt, oxidized minerals & metals, dulling hard water minerals, excess humidity and water aggressors. For All Hair Types

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A hat, a helmet and a capsule; to always protect what lies underneath.
We wear baseball hats, quickly we have a look to be seen in,
We wear hats fashionably, colourful we collect them all,
Active at sports, we wear visors, hats or helmets
            We ride bicycles to pass the runners;
            We ride scooters to breeze by elegantly, in no sweat;
            We ride motorcycles so chic, so fast we are the coolest, so hot in our full face helmet…

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All 8 Prestocure* bio-serum treatments help protect against the drying, oxidizing and damaging effects of harsh chemicals, chlorine, sea water, sunrays, UVA/UVB, pollution, chemical treatments, coloring, perming, chemical straightening, and styling stress (heat, brushing, combing, and friction).

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