Stuck in quick-fixes which don’t work for long?

ZERO-SNAP* helps hair to reach its MAXIMUM HAIR LENGTH.

Infused in each of SNOBGIRLS’s proprietary formula, ZERO-SNAP* complex of phyto-lipids and oils, forms a weightless PROTECTIVE GLIDING SHIELD which targets, attaches to, protects and strengthens the weakened areas of hair prone to damage, frizz, premature colour-fading, breaking, splitting or snapping-off.

ZERO-SNAP* complex Instant silky soft gliding-effect, detangling and heat-protection help reduce styling-stress and friction from brushing & flat irons.

9 Prescriptive TruColour Care* Regimens to choose from for instant and long-lasting shiny vibrant colour and results.

Helps encourage healthy longer hair dynamics* and fluidity of movement.

*Denotes trademark

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