June 30, 2015 1 min read

After spending time in the wind, sun, dust, chlorine, salt water, air conditioning, BBQ smoke, in a hat; overdosing on styling products and heat; your Colour-Treated hair may become dry, dull, porous, unmanageable, tangled, flat, oily, brassy, frizzy, brittle or simply put “challenged”.

You have the freedom to do whatever you please. You're in charge. You make the rules.

As Knowledge Changes Fear, fully indulge this season as the Sun shines down hot and bright. WAITLESS* TruColour Care* and Free- Reward your Colour, Hair & Scalp with PURIFICATION using SNOBGIRLS* PREWASH CRÈME DETOXCURE (TruHydro + Lipidic Rich Complex) and Truly safely shine forth Weightlessly with Clarity and Shine.

SNOBGIRLS* PREWASH-CRÈME conveniently goes on directly onto dry hair & scalp, wait 3 minutes and rinse .Use as a stand-alone - or- in-combination followed with a Prowash Shampoo.

So gentle, so shiny clean and pure, so TruColour Care* it may even be used daily. For all hair types.
- TruColour* Care treats,
- Add life and deep shine to Colour and Hair,
- Tightly-close and seal cuticles of hair to waterproof and preserve colour and vital nutrients for:
- Stronger hair and radiant clarity,
- Smoothness,
- Resilience,
- Frizz, Split-ends and Breakage control.

- Gently cleanses hair & scalp:
- Lifts & Rinses away hair surface debris, toxins, chlorine, oily and styling product residues,
- Replaces lost moisture, balances, soothes,
- Detangles,
- Lightweight Suppleness, non-oily, non-greasy, non-tacky, residue-free,
- Instant and Long-Lasting vibrant healthy-looking results.

WAITLESS* instantly + without the weight*

SNOBGIRLS* SYSTEMS of Cleansings and Treatments available in 9 Prescriptive REGIMENS.
*Denotes Trademark