Are your Waves and Curls currently in the Market for a new Look? Versatile hair pattern is Valuable hair. Some hair, waves and curls specialize in only one pattern and are unwilling to learn other shapes, curves, bounce and movement. Hair resistant to hair style change will soon be out-of-style.

 The most versatile of all regimens, Vice-Versa Curls, Versatile Duo-Style system and Bio-Serum Capsules allow undefined Waves, Curls and Frizz to be visibly transformed, morphing  into two different looks either a (1)  Smooth & Sleek Look (Blow dry hair straight , Flat Iron)  –or- (2)  sophisticated Defined Bouncy Curls  –or- a Frizz Free Natural Wave pattern (Air Dry, Diffuser).  Simply by using the appropriate hair drying and styling method.

 Totally Versatile, you are in charge. Wavy or Curly on weekdays and Smooth & Sleek on weekends. VICE-VERSA CURLS, ONE VERSATILE SYSTEM. Results are shiny healthy looking and lasts up until next shampoo.

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