Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?

Dreaming about how your hair used to be?

When it was younger, healthy, shiny and free.
Forgotten how it felt and shined before you Coloured and Bleached a thousand times.

You feel sorry for everything that you've done…

It's no secret it is breaking your heart.
We long to see the Sunlight in your hair
And tell you time and time again
How much we TruColour Care about you.

They say, that time is supposed to heal 

But left untreated, time alone will not do much healing to your Chemically processed, -Coloured, -Highlighted,  -Bleached or -Highly-Lifted Hair.

Left untreated, Hair cuticles of most individuals will remain Raised and Lifted after a Coloration; leading to various degree of Hair and Cuticle Damage, Lifting, Chipping, Cracking, Breakage, Porosity, Split-Ends, Dryness, Lifelessness, Premature Colour-Fading, Dullness, Lack of -Body - Texture and -Shine, prone to Frizz, Static, Flyaways and Tangle easily, difficult to manage and style.

Hair is facing serious challenges, leading to damage that disrupt the support structures and fundamentals necessary for healthy, manageable, free flowing hair and long-lasting vivid colour and shine. 

SNOBGIRLS TruColour Care*
9 Prescriptive Regimens TruColour* & Target care,  to combat & smooth Lifted Cuticles for achieving smooth, healthy-looking hair and long-lasting colour vibrancy and style retention.

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