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    After spending time in the wind, sun, dust, chlorine, salt water, air conditioning, BBQ smoke, in a hat; overdosing on styling products and heat; your Colour-Treated hair may become dry, dull, porous, unmanageable, tangled, flat, oily, brassy, frizzy, brittle or simply put “challenged”.

    Shine bright like a diamond,
    TruColour* reflections shining through.

    A hat, a helmet and a capsule; to always protect what lies underneath.
    We wear baseball hats, quickly we have a look to be seen in,
    We wear hats fashionably, colourful we collect them all,
    Active at sports, we wear visors, hats or helmets
                We ride bicycles to pass the runners;
                We ride scooters to breeze by elegantly, in no sweat;
                We ride motorcycles so chic, so fast we are the coolest, so hot in our full face helmet…