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    HYDRAMEND Intense Repair & Hydration Presto-Creme

    Presto-Crème Waitless Cure* Leave-In Treatment - Hair & Scalp
    Megadose of[TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex*]  
    Lipid-Bound Proteino-Peptide Moisture*
    For Damaged, Dry, Brittle or Porous Hair

    Up to 200X treatments per bottle

    Deeply nourishes to target care, balance, repair and infuse Hair & Scalp First Line of Defense, the Vital Hydro-Lipidic layer and its matrix intercellular cement, essential to help build strength, detangle, repair, revitalize, condition, control frizz & static, rebalance lost moisture, seal cuticles, and protect colour & radiance of hair. Helps relieve symptoms of dry, itchy or irritated scalp.

    Instant Release & Long-Lasting Action, Complete Protection & Nutrition, Quick Absorption, Residue Free, Concentrated, Weightless, Does Not Weigh Hair Down. Non Oily, Non Greasy, Non Tacky, Non Sticky, Residue Free,

    Prime & Prep - Seal, Treat, Repair & Strengthen - Balance & Condition - Prevent & Protect - Perfect & Beautify.

    Rich in Weightless: phyto antioxidants, essential lipids and oils, proteino-biopeptides, lipid-bound moisture, oligo-proteins, amino-acids, multivitamins and hydration,

    Powered with: TruColour Guard*, TruHydrolipidic Guard*, Zero-Snap*, HydraRegulator Guard*, UVA/UVB & Thermo-Protection,

    Cuts drying time and speeds-up styling time. Dramatic cumulative benefits with regular use. Blends perfectly, complements and helps enhance the performance of other products.

    After shampooing & conditioning and Post Technical Services, Versatile, each Waitless Bio-Crème* may also be used as a Multi-Tasker,

    AS A LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER TREATMENT (towel-dried hair/scalp): Apply 3 – 5 pump actions to clean towel-dried hair and/or scalp as a leave-in Bio-Crème conditioner Treatment. For optimal results, blend in and use with content of one bio-serum capsule. Do not rinse. Style.

    AS A STYLING and/or FINISHING AID (dry hair): Apply a small amount to dry hair as a styling and/or finishing aid. Apply a small amount anytime throughout the day when in needs of perfecting and hydration (small amount only).

    AS A UNIQUE PRESCRIPTIVE CRÈME of SERUM TREATMENT tailored to specific hair & scalp needs: Add 3 – 5 pump actions of PRESTO-CRÈME to the content of one BIO-SERUM capsule. Mix & Blend into palms. Apply on towel-dried hair and/or scalp. Do not rinse. Style.