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PRIME & PREP, TREAT & CONDITION, PROTECT, STYLE & PERFECT SET of 6 ITEMS for Dry, Dull, Weakened, Fragile, Colour Treated, Highlighted or Highly-Lifted Hair

PREWASH CRÈME* WAITLESS CURE* PRE-SHAMPOO is a luxurious weightless Pre-Shampoo Bio-Crème emulsion richly infused with [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex*] to help purify and prepare any type of colour-treated hair and scalp before shampoo. Helps seal and maintain the cuticles tightly closed, preserving the pure Colour & vivid Shine of any type of colour-treated hair - even those most prone to premature fading. Helps actively protect hair fiber and cuticles from friction, tangling, damage, breakage, split-ends, lifting and chipping by keeping the cuticles closed -before and -during the wet / shampoo / rinse steps. DIRECTIONS: Soak dry hair with 2 to 5 pump actions of PREWASH CRÈME* covering the entire length of hair, from roots to ends. Add a few drops of water if needed. Massage in. Comb through and leave-in 2 to 5 minutes - or - overnight if desired. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with shampoo, conditioner, bio-serum capsule and Presto-Crème.

Ergonomically designed, this Professional Scalp Invigorator Shampoo Brush perfectly molds the shape of your hand with a wet sure grip handle, which is easily controlled with the use of only one hand. It is ideal to massage, stimulate and work any hair and scalp treatments such as Prewash Crème* Waitless Cure* Pre-Shampoo, Prowash, Masque-Crème, Double/Triple-Crème Deep Masque and Prestocure Bio-Serum through any hair and scalp types.

PRESTOCURE CAPSULES Lactose & Gluten Free Encapsulated Intensive Leave-In Treatment (Hair & Scalp), Prime & Prep - Seal, Treat, Repair & Strengthen - Balance & Condition - Prevent & Protect - Perfect & Beautify. Vacuum and Hermetically Sealed, Easy Twist-Off Unit Dose Capsule, TruColour* & Target Cares Specific Hair & Scalp needs, TruColour Care* anti-fading system helps seal, protect, preserve, revive and prolong the purity, radiance and vibrancy of colour and shine of natural or colour-treated hair, Prescriptive, Concentrated, Potent, Ultra-light, Micronized Bio-Serum, No Water Added, Anhydrous System, 24/7 Total & Complete Protection & Balanced Nutrition, Instant, Long-Lasting, Extended Release & Action, up to next shampoo, Dramatic cumulative benefits with regular use, Instant Absorption, Residue Free, Weightless, Does Not Weigh Hair Down, Instant Multi-Tasker, Continuous Total Care Action.

PRESTO-CRÈME WAITLESS CURE* [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex*] deeply nourishes to target care, balance, repair and infuse the vital Hydro-Lipidic layer, essential to help build strength, detangle, revitalize, control frizz & static, rebalance lost moisture, seal cuticles, and protect colour & radiance of hair. This Waitless* creamy fluid emulsion instantly helps to Prime & Prep, Treat & Condition, Protect & Perfect hair before, during, and after styling, leaving colour-treated hair weightlessly smooth, luxuriously radiant and luminously shiny pure for long-lasting youthful healthy-looking results and style retention. Helps restore healthy hair dynamics and fluidity of movement. TruColour Guard*, Zero-Snap*, HydraRegulator Guard*, Protection: Thermo- UVA/UVB- & Colour.

CRÈME BIO-SERUM* [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex]* enriched with Phyto Proteino-Biopeptides unites the sustained power of Lipid & Oil rich BIO-SERUM, with the balancing Hydro-Moisturizing care of BIO-CRÈME, All-In-One unique PRESTO Waitless* TruColour Fast* Leave-In treatment. 100% VEGAN NOURISHING, this RESTORATIVE INFUSION helps Target RE-Balance and Correct to the ideal Protein Lipid-to-Hydration Ratio of hair. It helps replicate the natural [Hydro + Lipidic] balance to help visibly transform colour-treated hair into a weightlessly smooth, luxuriously radiant and luminously shiny pure colour and texture, for long-lasting youthful healthy looking results. Helps restore healthy hair dynamics and fluidity of movement. TruColour Guard*, Zero-Snap*, HydraRegulator Guard*, Hair Protection: Thermo- UVA/UVB- & Colour, 100% FREE SERIES* Sulfate-Paraben-Salt Free.

WAITLESS* PRO-STYLIST* STYLING MOUSSE combines the lightweight versatile performance of SETTING-AND-STYLING* in ONE-WAITLESS-SINGLE-STEP*. It instantly visibly transforms the hair fibers by infusing controlled-and-balanced Volume Texture Body Lift* for optimum Control, Definition, Structure, Body, Flexible Texture & Movement to create any and EVERY-LOOK & STYLE* desired. Flexible Light Hold with Memory Effect makes hair manageable, silky soft, easier to Control, Style & Re-Style for Long-Lasting Style Retention & Protection, shine and natural touchable healthy-looking results. TruColour Care*, Lumière & Brilliance, Non-Tacky, Non-Crispy, No Stiffness, No Weighing-Down, Fluidity of Movement, Non-Drying, Alcohol Free, Residue-Free, Static, Humidity & Frizz Control. FOR ALL HAIR TYPES, TEXTURES & COLOURS