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Professional Shampoo / Masque Scalp Massage Brush

Ergonomically designed, this Professional Shampoo / Masque Scalp Massage Brush perfectly molds the shape of your hand with a wet sure grip handle, which is easily controlled with the use of only one hand. It is ideal to massage, stimulate and work any hair and scalp treatments such as Prowash, Masque-Crème, Triple-Crème Deep Masque and Prestocure Bio-Serum through any hair and scalp types.

Its soft yet robust massage bristles are engineered from resistant silicone-gel material and set in a soft air-cushion base for ultimate comfort and performance. The bristle tips are perfectly round at the periphery of the air cushion, while the deep massaging tips are four-point molded covering the convex central part of the air cushion. Flexible cushion allow from a very gentle to a deeper massage technique, simply by controlling the hand pressure on the brush.

Scalp massage therapy has many benefits. It helps stimulate scalp pressure points, soothe and relaxes your scalp while stimulating scalp circulation; essential for optimum roots and hair strength, health and vigour.

To use:
Slip handle between index and middle-finger of one hand. Apply bristles to scalp. Using hand, apply pressure to the desire intensity. With all of the bristles touching the scalp, proceed to a gently clockwise movement without lifting the bristle or the massage brush. Repeat same motion to cover the full surface of the scalp and neck. Do Not Brush Your Hair with this brush.

To clean brush:
To clean brush in between use, simple rinse under luke warm water, or clean with soap, rinse and air dry (do not wash in dishwasher).