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    Weightless System deeply nourishes and
    helps Clarify and Detox Purify colour-treated hair and scalp without stripping.

    Helps remove impurities, toxins, sulfates, chlorine, salt, parabens,
    harsh chemicals, pollutants, hard water minerals, product build-up and
    hair colour-dulling residues, purifying from scalp to ends.

    Gentle formula helps purify, refresh and rebalance normal-to-oily prone scalp and hair.
    Helps prevent hair breakage, static and split-ends.

    Colour-treated hair is left fresh and revitalized revealing Vibrant Colour Clarity
    for long lasting healthy shiny looking results.

    Recommended before technical services and as a weekly maintenance home-program.
    Suitable for frequent or daily use.

    For Clarifying, Detoxifying, Normal-to-Oily Prone Hair