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    Weightless System deeply nourishes and helps treat and condition targeting repair and reinforcement
    of the Essential Support Elements and Keratin Force of hair, deep from the core to the surface.

    Acts as a PhytoBrace* Support Network to actively sustain, protect, strengthen and
    visibly transform hair from roots-to-ends, promoting an optimal equilibrium for Longer & Stronger hair.

    ZERO-SNAP* helps correct, reverse and prevent the visible signs of hair breakage, damage and Split-Ends.

    Helps close and seal down damaged and lifted cuticles
    locking-in strength, moisture, pure colour vibrancy and shine.

    Hair looks and feels replenished, healthy and strong revealing softness, fluidity of movement, and shine
    for long lasting manageability, resilience, elasticity, style retention,
    frizz and static control, and healthy looking results.

    For Overprocessed, Dry, Weak, Damaged Hair or Split-Ends