PROCURE Colour Protect Defense Creme Bio-Serum

CRÈME BIO-SÉRUM INTENSIVE* Presto Waitless* TruColour Fast*

Leave-In Treatment - Hair & Scalp
Megadose of [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex*]  
Lipid-Bound Moisture Elixir*
For Normal, Dry, Coloured, Highlighted or Fragile Hair
Up to 200X treatments per bottle

CRÈME BIO-SERUM* INTENSIVE [TruHydro* + Lipidic Complex]*
RESTORATIVE INFUSION enriched with Phyto Proteino-Biopeptides,
Sustained power of Lipid & Oil rich BIO-SERUM,
Balancing Hydro-Moisturizing care of BIO-CRÈME in One Unique Formula.

RESTORATIVE INFUSION enriched with Phyto Proteino-Biopeptides,
Helps Target RE-Balance and Correct to the ideal Protein Lipid-to-Hydration Ratio of hair.

  • Helps replicate the natural [Hydro + Lipidic] balance to help visibly transform colour-treated hair into a weightlessly smooth, luxuriously radiant and luminously shiny pure colour and texture, for long-lasting youthful healthy looking results. Easy to Apply, Quickly absorbs into wet or dry hair,

    Multi-Actions: Prime & Prep - Seal, Treat, Repair & Strengthen - Balance & Condition - Prevent & Protect - Perfect & Beautify.

    Cuts hair drying time and speeds-up styling time. Dramatic cumulative benefits with regular use. Blends perfectly, complements and helps enhance the performance of other products.

    Helps restore healthy hair dynamics and fluidity of movement. TruColour Guard*, Zero-Snap*, HydraRegulator Guard*, Hair Protection: Thermo- UVA/UVB- & Colour,

    Instant Release & Long-Lasting Action, Complete Protection & Nutrition, Concentrated, Weightless, Does Not Weigh Hair Down.Non Oily, Non Greasy, Non Tacky, Non Sticky, Residue Free,

  • PROCURE* Weightless System deeply nourishes, revitalizes, colour-protects and rejuvenates to help target, reverse, correct, prevent and combat the visible signs of hair premature-ageing and damage from root-to-tip.

    Antioxidant Rich PhytoLipidGuard* helps neutralize and protect against the drying and damaging effects of free radicals, harsh chemicals, UV rays, heat, styling stress, oxidation, coloration, bleaching and environmental assaults. 

    Lumière Restore Concentrate* helps close and seal lifted cuticles to a highly reflective surface, locking in pure colour vibrancy, moisture and luminous shine.

    Helps revive and restore hair youthful vitality, structural integrity, texture, elasticity, softness, resilience, fluid movement and manageability for healthy looking results.

  • DIRECTIONS: Apply 3 – 5 pumps (depending on length) to towel-dried or dry hair any time before, during and after styling. Do not rinse. Style. Apply throughout the day any time in needs of conditioning and perfecting. After shampooing & conditioning and Post Technical Services, Versatile, each Presto Waitless* Crème Bio-Serum* may also be used as a Multi-Tasker.